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Wake up from your slumber and join a hive mind society where everyone is connected through their emotion. The players play as The Great Yosha, Serban, and try their best to survive their assassination by dying and reliving the same scenario with new knowledge of the world and the characters surrounding him. 

Narrative Designer - Writer - Programmer

Tung Thanh Cao


Email: tungthanhcao1091995@gmail.com


Nicolas Vogelbusch


Email: Nicolas.V_98@hotmail.de

Bachelor Project (Winter Semester 2021-2022)

Advisors: Prof. Csongor Baranyai, Prof. Sebastian Stamm, Ilker Karademir, Torben Bökemeyer.

Game logs:

Build Test 0.4:

  • an improved dialogue structure.
  • you can play until the end(First ending).
  • Experimental conversation mechanic(Stress and emotion).
  • Locked decisions.
  • Experiment with voice over(Choose the top option for the first 4 choices). i.e: Choose 1. Just call me by my name, Albi,....

Build Test 0.5:

  • Update Ui
  • Added Fonts
  • Added interaction with Items

Build Test 0.6:

  • Add item name to item UI.
  • Added 2 items to the room
  • Added description of items
  • Linked items to the dialogues
  • Added more content to dead route
  • added Albi ending and Khan subjugate ending.

Build Test 0.8

  • Added music to different scenarios in game.
  • Added a cool credit scene
  • Added sounds to emotion connection
  • Added sounds to buttons
  • Revised the old font so it works better.

Build 0.9

  • Smoother music transition
  • Added pause menu
  • Added some more production pictures in credits.

Build 0.9.5

  • Add character positions transition
  • Some Dialogue improvements

Build 0.10

  • Added animation poses
  • Added a break between meeting Albi and Khan
  • Added a Kasi begin and Kasi end,


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