A downloadable game for Windows

Press E to enter  camera mode. E to capture photo. Q to read your diary. Watch as the people change.

Plunge into a country amid turmoil as the  journalist, Jack. The country has been ravaged by a bloody civil war to topple the old monarchy. As peace was achieved, another war is looming as the vacuum of power left by the old King is contested by new factions and foreign powers.

Tung Thanh Cao 

Gameplay design, Narrative design and Programming.

Sagar Shrestha

2D Animation and Character Artist.

Veronica Kwok

2D Environment Artist and UIs.

Third Party Assets:

+ Inkle Studio

+  Cafofo - Unreleased Game Music Pack

+ CasualGameSounds

+ Thaleah_PixelFont

Made In Unity

Supervised by: Prof. Csongor Baranyai

"Building Worlds" (Summer Semester 2020/21)


FrameBuild-v1.0.zip 74 MB

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